Why Gaskets Rock?

Because we love gaskets…

However, we only feel this way about commercial refrigeration gaskets that are the highest OEM quality. That way we know they will be the longest lasting and best performing gaskets anywhere.

In today’s economic environment, we have found that many after-market gasket suppliers are cutting corners in order to make a larger profit margin on gaskets. They may choose to cut back in the chemical composition of the material itself or they may alter the OEM dimensions. In some cases, they may utilize a less than ideal magnet. We even see quite a few cases when all three occur.

There are just far too many inferior and poor-performing gaskets in the marketplace that can put your commercial kitchens or stores at risk. This approach to gaskets has also proved to be very expensive as end-users find they are replacing their inferior non-OEM gaskets way too often.

At Gaskets Rock, we take the quality of our material and our magnets very seriously. That is the only way we will get your Gaskets to Rock! And we do this while still offering incredible pricing.

It will be our hope to have the opportunity to earn your business by providing:

  1. The Highest Quality OEM Gaskets
  2. The Perfect Profile and Fit
  3. A Very Fast Turnaround
  4. Unmatched Knowledge for Gaskets and Refrigerator Doors
  5. Extraordinary Service that will remove gasket-related headaches
  6. Great Pricing

No one knows refrigerator doors and gaskets like the professionals at Gaskets Rock. For many, half the battle is recognizing the proper profile and size. We take the guesswork, the inordinate amount of time, the senseless expense and the aggravation out of the whole process.

We look forward to the opportunity to further introduce you to Gaskets Rock!