What You Should Know About OEM Gaskets

Why are OEM Gaskets so important?

  • The role of the gasket is to keep the cooling unit as airtight as possible, which naturally keeps the food freshest. Deviating from the manufacturer’s specifications puts the quality of the food at serious risk.
  • Every unit has an OEM gasket designed to precisely fit their particular door.
  • Some inferior non-OEM’s may have the dimensions and appearance of an OEM, but the chemical composition is nowhere near OEM quality and the results are gaskets that quickly shred. (This can happen in as little as a couple of months and in some cases a few weeks.)
  • There are hundreds of different makes and models when it comes to refrigerator units and they all have OEM specifications for maximum performance.
  • Gaskets play a very important role in every commercial kitchen, which is why Gaskets Rock supplies 100% OEM and OEM quality gaskets.

How does Gaskets Rock turn around their OEM gaskets so quickly?

We inventory material for commercial kitchen gaskets by the truckload and we make our gaskets based on our orders. Our facility is dedicated to working around the clock to accommodate all of our customers.

Why are “factory corners” so important in a gasket?

The welding of the corners is a key ingredient in OEM commercial kitchen gaskets. If a corner is poorly constructed, that will be the first place the airtight seal is broken. Once even the smallest tear shows up in a gasket, it is just a short matter of time before the refrigerator unit begins losing its cooling capabilities.

Inferior equipment will produce inferior gaskets. At Gaskets Rock, we utilize the best manufacturing equipment and dies possible, which is the only way to make OEM gaskets.

What is the Gaskets Rock Difference you reference?

In addition to producing the longest lasting and best performing gaskets possible to our customers, we are experts at database management. Our GR Database Plus® program will make ordering and reordering gaskets a pleasure. This proprietary program has many other incredible benefits that we look forward to sharing with you.