Gaskets Rock is Hiring a Specialist in Commercial Kitchen Gaskets

We are looking for a very special someone to distribute commercial kitchen gaskets in your market. After extraordinary training and support, this person will sell and install refrigeration gaskets to all the major, and not so major commercial kitchens. There is no refrigeration experience necessary.

Our ideal Commercial Kitchen Gaskets Specialist Will:

  1. Possess good to strong mechanical skills
  2. Have strong verbal and communication skills
  3. Already have a strong desire to grow a business, be independent and make money

If someone has the above skill set, we feel that they can’t not succeed in selling commercial kitchen gaskets.

Why should you apply to Gaskets Rock?:

  1. We carry the BEST product. We simply have the highest quality commercial kitchen gaskets on the planet.
  2. The best overall support imaginable. Technical, Sales, Administrative and anything else related to your business, we will support it.
  3. Unmatched knowledge for refrigeration doors and gaskets. No one, and we mean no one, understands commercial kitchen gaskets and doors like the professionals at Gaskets Rock. This means you will acquire and/or have access to this extraordinary understanding of the gasket world 24/7. Your transition from knowing very little about our industry to being an expert will be quick and seamless.
  4. Extensive training at our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh. We completely cover all aspects of selling, recognizing commercial kitchen gasket profiles, measuring, pricing and installations.
  5. Extensive in the field training in the Pittsburgh market. You’ll spend time in Pittsburgh on actual sales calls and installations.
  6. Extensive in the field training in YOUR market with one of our seasoned sales professionals.
  7. Exemplary Marketing and Sales Strategies. We like to say we bring a high level of sophistication to an industry that is not very sophisticated.
  8. We  have an extraordinary online ordering, tracking and database system. It will provide you with a wealth of opportunities to stay way ahead of the competition in the commercial kitchen gaskets field. We call it “The GR Database Plus.” Our customers love the ease of ordering and re-ordering that it provides. You will love how it allows you to easily manage quotes, orders and many other aspects to your business.
  9. Extraordinary turnaround & great pricing.