Thinking About Being a Representative for Commercial Kitchen Gaskets?

We are always looking for talented individuals who want to learn more about commercial kitchen gaskets. Our representatives come from all over. They don’t always start out knowing everything there is to know about commercial kitchen gaskets, but they sure are eager to learn. If becoming a representative for Gaskets Rock is something that interests you, please see what we offer to all applicants and what we expect in return.

What Gasket Rock Will Provide our Representative:

  1. Extraordinary Training at The Gaskets Rock Corporate Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. This usually is 4 complete days of training.
  2. You will meet and interact with our entire team of professionals, as we are experts in sales and marketing and all technical aspects of the gasket industry.
  3. You will experience live opportunities for selling, quoting and installations.
  4. Gaskets Rock will provide Marketing Materials (Brochures, Business Cards, Quote Sheets, GR labels that coincide with our GR Database Plus, Worksheets and a Power Point Presentation if desired. We will provide you with your own personal email address.
  5. Gaskets Rock will set up your computer with the Filemaker Pro, Online GR Database Plus System. We will also train you extensively on this system. This system will allow you to track jobs along every step of the way. Many start with a quote and then from quote to order, from order to work order printed, from work order printed to manufacturing, from manufacturing to shipped to you and then to invoicing. You will always know what is going on with all of your jobs.
  6. You will experience a Gasket Profile Awareness and Educational Class. In this class, you will receive expert advise on recognizing gasket profiles for all manufacturers makes and models. After this class you will practically be an expert on the spot.
  7. Our team will entertain you each evening at one of the many fine local restaurants, if you choose. This provides further interaction with our professionals.
  8. After your 4 days in Pittsburgh your training and interaction is far from over, as you have the ability to contact any of us at any time.
  9. We will be visiting your market to assist you with sales and establishing market share. This would be another 4 days.
  10. Gaskets Rock will handle the administrative responsibilities of billing and collecting payments from you customers.
  11. Gaskets Rock will set you up with an exclusive and very large territory that will provide the opportunity for a very large income.
  12. Gaskets Rock will provide a substantial commission structure for every sale. We provide a draw against commissions earned if that is desirable.

What Gaskets Rock Expects from our Representatives:

  1. Spend four or five days at our Corporate Headquarters in Pittsburgh for training.
  2. You are responsible for the airfare and Hotel (We have a very good corporate rate and a Hotel near our facility. You will not need a vehicle, as we will provide transportation.)
  3. You will require a reliable vehicle once you are in your market and ready to run your business. There are no special vehicle requirements as we have had individuals operate very nicely out of vehicles as small as a Honda Civic.
  4. While selling, you are responsible for gas and the mileage of your vehicle.
  5. You are required to have liability insurance. Usually between $500 and $800 annually depending on your area.
  6. You will need a reliable laptop, notebook or computer, as well as a cell phone with email capabilities.
  7. Basic tools, as well as a few unique to our business.
  8. It is essential that you contact our National Sales Manager, Dale Force whenever you have the slightest concern or question about a profile, a measurement, a make or model dilemma or anything related to the technical aspects of the job.
  9. Utilize our entire team to ensure your success.
  10. Have a strong desire to be successful.

“Our customers expect high quality gaskets and our field technicins expect reliable answers, knowledgeable support and a fast turnaround from our manufacturing partner. The entire team at Gaskets Rock has been the ideal partner and their commitment to excellence is one of the main reasons our business continues to grow.”

Andy Dinkin
Gaskets Rock Mid-Atlantic