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Many people have the desire to own their own business. Yet, the challenges facing a small business owner can be overwhelming. Being responsible for sales, customer relations, billing, payables, getting paid, making a profit and the list goes on and on, takes all the beauty out of entrepreneurship. Well, how would you like the freedom and luxury of the great aspects of owning your own business without all the responsibility related to the difficult details?

Welcome to Gaskets Rock

At Gaskets Rock, we manufacture the “highest quality commercial refrigeration gaskets on the planet”. Think of all the restaurants, Universities, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Hospitals, Country Clubs, Fast-Food Places, Casinos, Stadiums and any other commercial establishment dealing in prepared foods. The number of refrigeration units in your market is mind-boggling and they all need or will need commercial kitchen gaskets. (Gaskets are the polyvinyl seals that you will find on the doors. These commercial kitchen gaskets provide the airtight seal that all units need to keep the proper temperature.)

Torn Gaskets lead to:

  • Health and Safety violations due to warm units
  • High Utility Bills due to excessive running of the compressors
  • Outrageous Repair Bills again due to overworked compressors

You should note that unlike your refrigerator at home, commercial refrigeration gaskets wear out on a fairly regular basis leading to significant repeat business. The environment in a very busy commercial kitchen is very conducive to gaskets wearing out quickly as the temperature is quite warm, the doors are opened and slammed sometimes hundreds of times a day, food and grease get trapped in the grooves of the gaskets and many doors are immediately under the grills creating even faster deterioration. (Even the high quality gaskets from Gaskets Rock will eventually fail under such conditions.)

Why Gaskets?

Refrigeration repair companies, facilities managers, maintenance personnel, and general managers and owners of restaurants will all tell you that replacing their gaskets consistently pose a serious problem. Collectively you can hear them say: Finding OEM replacement gaskets is way too time consuming, extremely expensive and a very painful process.

They understand that torn refrigerator gaskets, as well as inferior ones, will lead to several serious problems:

  • Non-stop running units result in terrible wear and tear and very expensive repair bills to the compressors
  • Outrageous utility bills
  • Refrigerator and freezer units whose temperatures are too warm
  • Food spoilage
  • A harbor for bacteria and mold
  • Health Department Inspection violations
  • Corporate Inspection violations

Waiting weeks and months for proper gaskets will only compound these problems. Yet, that is what most commercial kitchens are faced with when it comes to replacing OEM gaskets.

At the Gaskets Rock state of the art facility, we provide 100% OEM gaskets for every make and model refrigerator in the United States and Canada… we produce them and ship them to you in 24 to 48 hour and at a great price.

Your Market

Very likely, your market is in great need of a Gasket Rock representative. If we are not currently in your market, there are basically two types of services replacing gaskets:

  1. Refrigeration Companies
  2. Small, “ma and pop” type after-market gasket businesses

When it comes to refrigeration companies, they are middlemen for replacing gaskets. First of all, hey have to find a source, order them, mark them up, get them in and install them. (In reality, most refrigeration technicians hate doing gaskets.) The end result is a very slow and expensive process.

On the other hand, small gasket replacement businesses provide a faster, more reasonably priced alternative to refrigeration companies. However, they make gaskets in their basements or garages with archaic equipment that provides mediocre to poor quality gaskets.

When we enter a market place with the right individual representing us, we overwhelm the competition. Could that person be you?

Listen to what a few of our guys have to say:

“A year ago, I was an unemployed construction worker in Orlando, FL. At 51 years old, my prospects for ideal work looked bleak at best and my unemployment compensation was not far from running out. Gaskets Rock was a Godsend for me. It has been less than a year and I am already an expert in my field, I am picking up significant market share and making far more money than I ever dreamed I would. The camaraderie, the knowledge, the enthusiasm, the amazing support across the board has made this venture wonderfully enjoyable. I really love this business. If I have one regret it’s that I didn’t do this years ago. Thank you everyone at Gaskets Rock”

Ken Anderson
Gaskets Rock – Florida
Greater Orlando, FL

“Several years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. The industry that I had dedicated my life to had suffered greatly during the recession of 2009 and 2010. At the age of 40, I felt like I had been kicked to the curb and starting over in another industry was intimidating to say the least!
That is when I was introduced to Gaskets Rock and the opportunity to manage a territory in Las Vegas and Southern California! I was completely intrigued because they explained there wasn’t any refrigeration and / or gasket experience necessary. In addition to guaranteeing complete training in every aspect of the business, they promised continuous and ongoing support! Surprisingly, they didn’t ask for any investment and actually invested in me!

If anything, they undersold every aspect of the business, as the opportunities are amazing and the training and ongoing support is fantastic. We clearly are the best at what we do and we know more about gaskets and refrigeration doors than anyone anywhere!

Everything Gaskets Rock does is absolutely the best. We have the best product, the best order entry system, the best database system and it goes on and on!

Gaskets Rock was an absolute godsend for me, as I continually grow my business and continually make more money. If you are considering Gaskets Rock, you have my strongest recommendation and I would be happy to relay to you over the phone how great Gaskets Rock has been for me!

Bryan Hayes
Managing Partner Vegas and Southern California