Why Choose Our Commercial Walk-In Cooler Door Gasket Replacement Service?

Here at Gaskets Rock we appreciate that walk-in cooler gaskets might not be the most exciting thing to consider. Luckily, they are exactly that for us. At Gaskets Rock we can install and replace commercial refrigerator door gaskets and walk-in cooler gaskets for a wide range of brands. Our custom-made gasket replacement service from production […]

The Vaccine. Yes or No?

Under normal circumstances, I avoid publicly addressing controversial issues and accept that everyone is entitled to their opinions on such matters. However, when it comes to the vaccine, I am compelled, for many reasons, to share my “opinion”. Who would have thought back on March 15th that COVID would still be dramatically affecting our lives? […]

Supporting Your Favorite Restaurants

It’s no secret that restaurants have taken a major hit over the course of this pandemic, yet they are the very backbone of our communities across the US and beyond. At Gaskets Rock, we have been reflecting on our restaurants who have served to bring our families and communities together over the years.  We all […]

Above and Beyond Expectations

With tens of thousands of customers coast to coast and many new customers coming on board daily, I am often asked what is the secret to our success? It always gives me a slight moment of pause because the answer on the surface is simple, but under closer examination, there are a lot of extraordinary […]

How Can Our Refrigeration Gaskets be Better than OEM?

As Sales Director for Gaskets Rock International, it is my responsibility to arm our Managing Partners and Territory Managers, coast to coast, with the highest quality refrigeration gaskets imaginable. With health and safety so prominent these days, Gaskets Rock goes to great extremes to ensure that our customers’ refrigeration units seal perfectly in order for […]

Dinner With A Side of Kindness

A local restaurant owner and I share quite a bit in common, and it goes far beyond business and into an area that is very close to our hearts… I have a 20 year-old son, who about 18 years ago was diagnosed with a condition called Fragile X Syndrome. Fragile X is the leading known […]

The Restaurant Industry and Gaskets Rock Face COVID-19

The Situation that the Restaurant Industry and Gaskets Rock face regarding COVID-19 is challenging to say the least and it brings to mind our first year of business (2009)… Having been actively involved in the aftermarket gasket industry since 2000, it became readily apparent to Dale Force, our National Sales Director, and me that there […]