The Longest Lasting...
Best Performing...
Commercial Refrigeration Gaskets on the Planet

Our Refrigeration Gaskets are Heat Resistant, Grease Resistant and MOLD Resistant.
No one services more commercial kitchens coast to coast
than the professionals at Gaskets Rock.

When you're running a busy kitchen you don't have time to stress your gaskets

Hey, we get it. You don’t want to think about gaskets. In fact, if gaskets never crossed your mind you’d be perfectly happy. 

Because let’s face it, you never think about your gaskets unless there’s a problem: 

  • Cooler compressor is running non-stop
  • Never ending maintenance on your fridge
  • Can’t maintain proper temp and the inspector will be here any day now
  • Food spoiled prematurely

Not cool. Not cool at all. (pun intended:)

So when it does come to the top of your mind, it’s only because they have failed to do the ONE JOB for which they were designed. 


Well, we love gaskets. We live for gaskets! It’s safe to say we think about them all the time… so you don’t have to. 

It’s all we do: design, manufacture and install the best gaskets on the planet. Better than OEM, in fact. For all manufacturers too!

Don’t believe us? Give us a try and if you aren’t 200% satisfied with the gasket or our delightfully professional service, we will come and rip our gorgeous, form-fitting gasket out of your equipment and reinstall your substandard, paper-thin, gasket with the poor seal just so you are happy! 

That’s how much we believe in what we do. 

So why not give us a call today at (833) 427-5380

You have nothing to lose… except:

  • Spoiled meat
  • Failed inspections
  • High energy costs
  • Expensive compressor maintenance
  • Slow delivery times
  • Hourly charges for service

We’re waiting to serve you so you never have to think about your gaskets again! 

Which is how it should be. 

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