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Our Refrigeration Gaskets are Heat Resistant, Grease Resistant and MOLD Resistant.
No one services more commercial kitchens coast to coast
than the professionals at Gaskets Rock.

When you're running a busy kitchen you don't have time to stress about your gaskets

Hey, we get it. You don’t want to think about gaskets. In fact, if gaskets never crossed your mind you’d be perfectly happy. 

Because let’s face it, you never think about your gaskets unless there’s a problem: 

  • Cooler compressor is running non-stop
  • Never ending maintenance on your fridge
  • Can’t maintain proper temp and the inspector will be here any day now
  • Food spoiled prematurely

Not cool. Not cool at all. (pun intended:)

So when it does come to the top of your mind, it’s only because they have failed to do the ONE JOB for which they were designed. 


Well, we love gaskets. We live for gaskets! It’s safe to say we think about them all the time… so you don’t have to. 

It’s all we do: design, manufacture and install the best gaskets on the planet. Better than OEM, in fact. For all manufacturers too!

Don’t believe us? Give us a try and if you aren’t 200% satisfied with the gasket or our delightfully professional service, we will come and rip our gorgeous, form-fitting gasket out of your equipment and reinstall your substandard, paper-thin, gasket with the poor seal just so you are happy! 

That’s how much we believe in what we do. 

So why not give us a call today at (800) 790-9284

You have nothing to lose… except:

  • Spoiled meat
  • Failed inspections
  • High energy costs
  • Expensive compressor maintenance
  • Slow delivery times
  • Hourly charges for service

We’re waiting to serve you so you never have to think about your gaskets again! 

Which is how it should be. 

What Our Customers Say

Gaskets that last 2 and 3 X longer than your current Seals.

Commercial refrigerator gaskets are a minimal part of your appliance with a vital role. They form an airtight barrier between the heat and grease from your kitchen cooking equipment and the cold air in your refrigerator. At Gaskets Rock, we have been designing, manufacturing, and installing the best performing OEM and better than OEM refrigeration gaskets for years to bring you a product that withstands the wear and tear.

Let us worry about the gaskets so you can focus on your business.

As the manager of a commercial kitchen, you know how busy and stressful it is to manage everything. A faulty gasket is the last thing on your mind. It’s not a problem until your food is spoiling faster than usual and you end up paying more electrical bills than you bargained for.

When the unfortunate happens and your gasket is no longer useful, you can reach us on a single call. Our local Managing Partners will be there quickly to do an inspection. So when it comes time for replacements, you will have replacements in no time!

We label all of your refrigeration units at no charge, so we have your make, model and gasket profiles on record.

A Custom made OEM and better than OEM refrigeration gasket for your commercial / restaurant kitchen environment.

We know that every commercial refrigerator and cooler serves a different purpose. We also know all kitchen environments are different based on the location of your refrigerators, some may be more vulnerable to grease, whereas others may be located next to the freezer. No matter the external operating temperature, we will give you a custom made solution that works perfectly in any busy and hot environment. Before the manufacturing process, we seek to understand your needs, all while noting the profile specifications and the year of manufacturing to produce a great seal!

We assure you that there’s always a solution for every business. We will provide gaskets that fit seamlessly with your refrigeration equipment.

We use the highest quality, long-lasting materials.

We make all our commercial fridge gaskets with resilient PVC & thermoplastic, along with the strongest magnets. These materials withstand the function of a cooling appliance in a busy kitchen. What sets apart our gaskets is the high tech welding machines we use for production. Alongside that, we have a seasoned technical team that understands the manufacturing process, as well as the installation process better than any company anywhere! They are as passionate to see your business succeed and grow as much as you do. 

Our production process utilizes high-end technology to produce the highest quality gaskets. They are heat, grease, and mold resistant. We understand that you are working in the food service industry and that the health and safety of your employees and customers are of the utmost importance. That’s why our gasket materials are lead, mercury, and cadmium free.

Make us aware of your needs, and we’ll give you a lasting solution for your appliance. Our Managing Partners are always a call away to offer advice on any concern you might have regarding the best gasket for your refrigeration equipment.

Sophisticated inventory and Database systems

Why does an inventory and database system matter to you?

Remember, we are all about taking the headache and frustrations away. While our gaskets are super durable, there comes a time when you will need to do a replacement. After each installation, we attach a sticker with an order number and this number allows us to keep track of the exact specifications of the gaskets and the refrigeration unit. So when you call, the order number shows the type, size, and location of the gaskets. 

When you call for a reorder and replacement, you only have to read the label number to us, and we will immediately start the process. We keep track of the specific refrigeration units, as well as their locations in your kitchen, so if we discover there are more efficient gaskets you can be using, we will update them. After completion of each service call, we update our database to reflect these changes for the next time we can be of service.

Our database and inventory systems also help us to:

·         Give you a seamless ordering and reordering process. Our systems ease the processes of ordering and reordering. It enables us to know the type of gasket you need. Also, it shows us the exact specifications and dimensions for your specific appliance. You’ll get a quicker replacement and installation because we have all the information needed, and it is guaranteed to be the perfect gasket.

·         Improve our products. The order number helps us know how well the gasket performed in your kitchen, so it allows us to change our strategy if needed to work in your environment. It also shows us how we can better improve it to work in your unique environment. This way, we understand how long they are wearing.

Our installation and replacement process is super simple. You just call, give us the number on your sticker, and we start the design and manufacturing process and quickly follow up with your installation.

We provide FREE quarterly inspections.

After installation, our local Managing Partners will show up for scheduled quarterly inspections. The inspections are an excellent way to assess the performance of the gaskets and look out for any wear and tear. Alternatively, we can arrange a customized, frequent inspection schedule that best fits your needs. And the best part is that these inspections are free, and we don’t ask for any trip charges while performing them.

Prices worth every dollar


We are on a mission to provide unmatched value for an affordable price for all commercial kitchens. We are both the manufacturers and installers of these commercial gaskets, so this means that our prices are so much lower. Our gaskets are competitively priced and usually much lower than our competition. Also, factor in that our gaskets last 2 and 3 times longer and the value is extraordinary.

Here is how our Gaskets save you money:


Have no fault with your refrigeration equipment during food safety inspections. Gaskets seem like a minor part of your more prominent restaurant’s operation. But the truth is that they can either be the reason why you ace routine food safety inspections or why you fail.


It’s no secret that failed inspections can cost you thousands of dollars in losses. Also, your business may end up with a stinky reputation that’s hard to revert. A substandard gasket means trouble for your business. You need quality gaskets that efficiently serve the purpose, and that’s what we give you— long lasting gaskets made from high-quality materials. 


With our gaskets, you know that you won’t lose any points when your refrigerator or cooler is under health department or corporate scrutiny.


Maintain the right temperature. Our customized gaskets fit your specific refrigerator and freezer to a T. No hot air enters when you close doors, and no cool air escapes. Your food products remain fresh and at the correct temperature.


Lower your repair bills. Installing a perfectly fit gasket prevents the overworking of your compressor in your refrigerator or freezer. Energy efficient equipment ensures your food is kept at a safe temperature, as well as saves you dramatically on unnecessary repair bills. It also ensures that your refrigeration equipment maintains the ideal temperature.


We have quarterly inspections to check for wear and tear. Through the inspections, we take proactive action to replace worn gaskets, and also save on electricity costs. You no longer have to deal with excessive repair bills or unplanned energy bills.


Gain the love, trust, and loyalty of your customers. Fresher food equals happy customers, which translates to more business for you. Human beings like to feel appreciated, valued, and loved. Your clients come to your restaurant looking for an experience full of good, fresh food. You can make that possible for them by serving fresh food from a refrigerator with a fitting gasket.


What Types of Gaskets do we install and replace?


·         Gaskets for commercial refrigerator doors


·         Coolers and walk-in cooler gaskets.


·         Walk-in freezer door gaskets


We have a promise to keep—a commitment to ensure that all our gaskets are the highest quality. Our commercial refrigerator gaskets are better than OEM gaskets. Our clients are a testament that our gaskets last three times more than regular door seals.


We do it fast


One of the aspects that our clients love about us is how ridiculously fast we act when needed.  Our local Managing Partners are always on standby for inspections and quick installations. Through the robust database systems we run, you will receive a custom made gasket in record time. You do not have to miss a day of business because of a failed gasket.


Typically, we produce and install gaskets in 3-7 days, depending on your location. But we are always open to doing it in less time to meet your requirements and get you back to business.


A team that has your back


Each team works cohesively to deliver the best commercial gaskets and installation services. The office team receives your calls and ensures that we make installations on time. On the other hand, the production team ensures that the gasket you asked for is the one you receive. We hear you, and we work to build a relationship of trust with you. 


At Gaskets Rock, you are working with trained professionals who understand your needs. We seek to improve our services to make your commercial kitchen a success.


When is it time to replace your commercial refrigerator gasket?


Hike in your energy bills. When a gasket doesn’t seal properly, the barrier between the warm air outside and the cool air inside breaks. The broken barrier forces your refrigerator to work overtime to maintain the right temperatures. The result is a spike in your bills that costs you more money than you budgeted.


Brittled cooler gaskets. Using the wrong cleaning methods breaks and brittles commercial refrigeration gaskets. Constant opening and closing of the door will also result in the bristling of a gasket. Call us in when you start to notice the signs of hardening and bristling on your gaskets. 


Presence of gaps when you close the refrigerator door. If it doesn’t close well often, a quick gasket replacement is needed. Otherwise, that gap is left unattended, and your appliance works overtime. This leaves you no choice but to dig deeper into your pocket to cover repair and maintenance costs. We are an industrial gasket manufacturer and can install custom gaskets in a matter of days!


Non-stop cooler compressor. As the heart of the refrigerator, the cooler compressor is crucial. When your commercial refrigerator gasket is faulty, the cooler compressor is usually overworked. The constant overworking results in excessive frost on the evaporator. Extreme frost on the evaporator results in a pressure drop, which leads to heat transfer loss.


Spoiled food. If you can’t identify any other power problem yet your food keeps going bad, it’s time you checked your gasket. Malfunctioning gaskets don’t correctly seal. Warm air will then infiltrate your freezer resulting in food spoilage. As we are all aware, this is a turn off for your consumers and a loss for you.


Why does quality gaskets matter so much for your commercial kitchen?


The proper commercial refrigeration gaskets make a massive difference in your business. It makes an impact on your customers’ loyalty and overall growth. At first, an inexpensive gasket may seem like a good way to save money. That is until you are dealing with unplanned expenses, repairs, higher energy costs and food spoilage. 


For the past 11 years, we have dedicated our efforts to producing and installing the longest lasting, best performing and safest gaskets on the planet. Our services span the entire country from coast to coast. Ours is a team that works coherently to serve you best in your moment of need. We promise to meet all your specifications in time to continue your operations.


With Gaskets Rock products, you can never go wrong. Instead, you save on your energy bills and reduce maintenance costs. With the right gasket, you can produce a safe and fresh dining experience for all of your customers.


Our gaskets will make all this possible for you.  

The right commercial Gasket is only a call away from you. We help busy kitchens like yours to increase the effectiveness of your cooling appliances.


Join 20000 other commercial kitchens to save time, money, and increase your health inspection points with the right gasket.


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