Leadership Team at Gaskets Rock

In addition to creating a company dedicated to producing the finest commercial refrigeration gaskets on the planet, Gaskets Rock has assembled a team of professionals whose experience, talent and knowledge are unmatched. The thousands and thousands of very satisfied Gaskets Rock customers from coast to coast, not only rely on the extraordinary expertise of the Gaskets Rock Managing Partner in their market, they also are receiving the ancillary support of the finest after-market commercial refrigeration gasket team anywhere!



 Jim Cox, President

Jim’s 15 year’s experience in the after-market gasket world was the driving force in establishing a company, whose goal was to manufacture the “highest quality commercial refrigeration gaskets on the planet” and at an amazingly great price! Jim’s goal, however, goes far beyond producing the highest quality commercial refrigeration gaskets anywhere. His vision to remove the high degree of difficulty customers were facing in finding and ordering refrigeration gaskets has quickly become a reality! Gaskets Rock makes ordering and re-ordering gaskets unbelievably easy!

It has been Jim’s twenty years experience in database marketing that has allowed Gaskets Rock to develop and refine an inventory management system that makes ordering and reordering commercial refrigeration gaskets incredibly simple and perfectly precise. Commercial refrigeration customers from coast to coast have revered The GR Database Plus system and continually marvel at the cost and time savings attached to it!

“I am very proud of the fact that we can offer this fantastic inventory management system free of charge to our customers.” – Jim Cox

However, Jim’s goal for Gaskets Rock extends further, yet! The final step in any after market gasket order is the installation process. Gaskets Rock has assembled an unrivaled team of Managing Partners throughout the United States and Canada who regularly go “above and beyond” what customers expect from them. That is why thousands of Gaskets Rock customers continually come back to them for their after-market commercial refrigeration gasket needs!



Dale Force, National Sales Director

With 14 years experience in the after market commercial refrigeration gasket industry, Dale has established himself as one of two individuals who knows more about refrigeration doors and gaskets than any others on the planet! Having seen countless refrigeration gasket installations, Dale has been a tireless and reliable leader for, not only Gaskets Rock Managing Partners, but also the hundreds of technicians across the country, who have their commercial refrigeration gaskets drop shipped from Gaskets Rock! Previous to being introduced to Dale these technicians were, more often than not, simply guessing, as to the proper gasket profile and size.

Those customers ended up with, in many cases, hundreds of unusable and non-returnable refrigeration gaskets! Dale completely takes that painful situation away! Not only is there no more guesswork, Gaskets Rock guarantees you will receive the perfect gasket! In addition to being the perfect leader to the Gaskets Rock team of Managing Partners and installers, Dale plays a significant role in implementing their inventory management system for those commercial kitchen groups who have their gaskets drop shipped. Dale’s near flawless ability to identify, label and enter refrigeration doors and gaskets into the Gaskets Rock database system is a huge asset to the Gaskets Rock customers everywhere!

“Give us the opportunity to label the refrigeration doors in your kitchen and we will guarantee you receive the perfect gasket every time!” 

– Dale Force


Chris Bladen, “The Englishman” and Chief Operating Officer

With six years experience in the after market commercial refrigeration gasket industry, Chris brings many talents and wears many hats at Gasket Rock. Every business is faced with a minutia of details and Gaskets Rock is no different! Chris has the uncanny and tireless ability to oversee Customer Relations, IT, The GR Database Inventory Management System, Regionalized Sales, Accounting, Administrative Services, Sales Tax and the list goes on and on.

Many of Gaskets Rock customers have all of their work orders go through a third-party maintenance management team such as Service Channel, FM, BBI and so forth. Establishing a credible relationship with these companies is critical to many of our customers. Chris’ efforts with these groups have perfectly positioned Gaskets Rock to service a wider range of prestigious customers.

After all that, Chris still finds the time to regularly visit markets and Gaskets Rock Managing Partners throughout the United States and Canada. Satisfied customers and above and beyond service are not just “buzz words” to Chris and Gaskets Rock! Chris and everyone at Gaskets Rock understand the importance of every customer! Chris’ amazing customer service skills are contagious and are quickly and naturally adapted by all their Managing Partners!

“Our goal is to keep customers for life and this is accomplished through the highest quality refrigeration anywhere, unparalleled installations, unmatched knowledge for refrigeration gaskets, service way beyond expectations, fabulous pricing, easy ordering and re-ordering and appreciating every single customer and every single gasket we sell!” – Chris Bladen


Diane Koerbel, Director of Administrative Services

Diane’s value to Gaskets Rock and their thousands of very satisfied customers goes way beyond her four years experience in the after-market gasket world! Coordinating countless work order with Gaskets Rock’s Managing Partners, third party maintenance teams and customers requires exceptional focus, organization, calmness, as well as great computer skills. Efficiently handling this critical job is what Diane is all about.

Her exceptional dedication to the job and her ability to masterfully distribute work orders is beyond compare. Diane is the perfect liaison among Gaskets Rock’s customers, their Managing Partners, the third-party maintenance teams and our production facility! Diane very simply allows everything to run smoothly at Gaskets Rock!

“ I love my job, our customers, my co-workers, the guys in the field and just the great atmosphere that permeates Gaskets Rock!” 

– Diane Koerbel